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Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Washington -- "Two members of the Sept. 11 commission criticized President Bush's proposal to create a national intelligence director, telling Congress on Tuesday that the White House plan fails to give the new spy chief the executive powers needed to revamp the nation's intelligence agencies." --San Francisco Chronicle

Clearly it's not in the current administrations best interest to clean up this mess. They like the mess. It creates an enviroment that helps them sell the fear that they need to get re-elected.

Bullshit Ted. The current administration wants to clean up "the mess" just as much as Micheal Stipe, The Boss, John Kerry, Pat Phillips, Ted Wilson, etc... Stop with the nonsense.
If they wanted to, then they would do it. A figure head is what they want. Somebody nosing into their clandestine operations is what they fear.
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