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Friday, August 27, 2004


August is a notoriously quiet month in New York. Alot of folks head out of town this time of year, but as the convention draws near it's getting downright eerie. I have my bunker all set up. I've made arrangements so I don't have to go above 14th street for the duration. As far as I'm concerned the republicans and the demonstrators can have mid-town. It's a horrible place anyway. I don't think the republicans will have the time or inclination to explore the city, but if one of these anarchist types get's in my face, he or she will have to deal with the consequences of my foot up their ass. I understand why they've come here, and I even understand the neccessity of peaceful demonstration, specially in a media hub like New York, but as I've said before, violent outbursts are what the republicans are hoping for. Don't make a mess people, we don't want to clean up after you.

I hope all of you NYC dwellers and daytime workers the best during this week of restlessness. I hope we prove to the rest of the world how real freedom is expressed in non-violent fashion. Let the Rep's have their party, let them go home, and hope that all who were moved enough to show up at the demonstrations show up at the polls.

It is worthy of note that out of 9 million eligable voters in Afghanistan, almost all of the 9 million have already registered to cast their vote for their president this fall. Considering over half are women who were forbidden from voting under the former regieme, it should give this country something to strive for.
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