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Tuesday, August 17, 2004



Ah the glory days. It looks like I left a legacy. It was at SUNY Albany that I came up with the two dictums that would help me bring to a close my ten year career as an undergrad.

1) Either go to class, or read the book, you must do at least one.
2) You are much more likely to do either if the subject holds some interest for you.

I started my illustrious journey into acedemia at the University of Maryland, College Park. I seem to remember that institution topping the same list a number of years ago. I guess I leave a trail or something. Maybe they should put up a plaque; "Ted passed out here". By the time I got to Albany I was six to eight years older than my fellow students; I did some teaching of my own. So many students explode in a fury of sex and drugs (remember, alcohol is a drug) when they escape their suburban prisons, and the more of them you put together, the bigger the party. So hey, go ahead college students, roll another one, you are part of a great tradition.

Your ten year stretch in undergrad land is a dubious record indeed, I commend you. While my tenure was a little shorter, I too fell for the Shangri-La aspects of college life, including a stint at the University of Maryland. I came upon both of your axioms on my own and began to successfully point myself towards graduation day. I think it is also interesting that we both discovered the benefits of teaching in assisting our own academic standing. At St. Thomas I was always the host of the dorm study groups and discovered quite haphazardly that not only did it help me, but I actually ENJOYED doing it, even for the more boring of subjects. What a shock, huh. I remember feeling kind of cheated on graduation day because I was leaving right when I was getting into a real academic stride. I guess it's the price you pay for blowing ten grand of your dad's money and a year of your life to play guitar and drink beer without a care in the world.

Good post...

Your almost UM roommate,

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