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Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Most of the fence sitters I come across say they don't much care for Bush, but they fear that Kerry lacks the fortitude to see this thing through. George and Dick never spent a second of their lives in defense of this country, but yet they have no compulsion sending our kids to do something they never did. That is cowardice, not courage. The only thing they have is money, and most of it came from Saudi Arabia. Certainly John Kerry has money, but he has balls too. Balls enough to volunteer for service when he could easily have avoided it as Bush did. Balls enough to not engage in the negative campaigning that Bush and Cheney have resorted to. John Kerry not only served as a soldier, but as a Senator. Our military, while technologically superior, is overwhelmingly in need of strong leadership. In recent years two things have happened to weaken our nations military; recruitment based on economic need, and the weeding out of intelligent officers who don't kowtow and toe the party line. I have watched these things happen with my own eyes, and have had my views corroberated by West Point graduates. The incident at Abu Ghraib is just the tip of the iceberg folks. We need an educated military with a conscience, not goons. We need John Kerry as our Commander In Cheif. If nothing else, he knows what it's like to be shot at.

I love when I here this absurd phrase, "...send your kids of to war". It's a popular one with M. Moore. It lacks any understanding of who and what the American soldier is and does. It's devoid of any understanding of the soldier concept at it's very core. Parents don't send their kids off to war. Their "kids" volunteer to go, since the draft was abolished at least, on their own accord because they are brave and love their country. They hate people who use such phrases, but respect there right to say it. The armed services have their own set of issues, but our armed services are the best in the world and are full of some of the finest citizens the world has ever known. The Abu Ghraib situation is NOT indicative of the whole of the armed services, no more than those three soldiers where when they killed a fellow black soldier at Ft. Bragg a few years ago.

Officer attrition rates are a subject with many facets. There are those young men and women who leave the service for a variety of reasons including some who leave for what you've stated above, but be VERY careful about casting disparages at the whole of the armed services my friend. You may find yourself way deep in the woods.
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