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Thursday, August 26, 2004


I went out to Coney Island to see the Cyclones play last night. I recomend it highly. The Cyclones themselves are no great shakes, it is after all single 'A' play. You can't get any lower. As the man said, you can't yell "Send 'em down!" The vibe, however, is fantastic. It's very mellow, lot's of families, people hangin' out having a good time. There's none of the negativity and anger you find at big league games. I was also pleased to find a selection of beer available, including the very palatable Brooklyn Lager. This also is a nice break from the big stadiums where if you can get beer at all, it's watered down Bud or Coors or some other crap.
After the game, my fiend took me around the amusements. I, regretfully, had never been to Coney Island. According to my mother, I have ancestral claim to Coney Island, so it was about time I 'went home'. I took my first ride on the Cyclone. Let's just say this; it was an experience. The guys that run it are hilarious. The thing looks as old as it is. The Cyclone does not instill one with great confidence, but I guess that's a big part of it's appeal. We also "shot the freak', which is basically paintball target practice - I was 15 for 15! I wasn't aware of my talents in that department. Then came mini golf. I love mini golf. Mostly because my short game is pretty good, it's that damn fairway that slows me down. We played two rounds and had a great time. Then the long train ride back to 'america'.

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