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Monday, August 23, 2004


Talk is cheap. Promises of swift and severe punishment is not enough. In France we see an escalation of anti-semetic attacks. Mostly property damage at this point, but for how long. I suggest to Jacques Chirac not only a 'crack-down' on these offenses, but to try to adress the root of the problem. Ignorance. Prejudice, bias, bigottry; they all thrive on ignorance. Educate your populace Jacques. You can start with manditory programs for immigrants; 'you wanna live here, this is how it is: we love Jews.' If there's one thing I won't tolerate it's intolerance.

Why do you think anti-Semitism is on the rise in France and elsewhere in Europe? I believe that it is directly correlated to the influx of Arab immigrants that are adding to the drowsy home grown variety of bigots. I have commented many times on this without acknowledgement. Not all Arabs hate Jews as feverishly as say, the Palestinians living in Gaza, but a very large majority have an unacceptable distain for them and many of those are rabid. It's a religion thing stoked by the absolutism of orthodox and semi orthodox Islam, which is preached by the leadership of the Islamic states (mullahs). It is not at all like here in America. We've got plenty of Arab Jew haters here, but being across the pond from all this and with the protection afforded all of us by the laws of our land, it pales in comparison to what I believe is a situation that will only get worse over in Europe. "Crack Down" should only be the start. I'm not well versed in all aspects, but I believe Germany has the most severe anti-hate laws of the free world. Many of which would give the ACLU work for a millennium if ever passed here in the US. Maybe Mr. Chirac ought to have a cup of tea with them and see what could be gleaned.

I'd employ any and all good ideas here to find a way to stop this before it gets out of hand.
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