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Monday, August 02, 2004


In 1823 US President James Monroe unveiled a policy put forth by John Quincy Adams (Secretary of State) in which it was stated that the US would not tolerate European influence (colonization) in the western hemisphere. This move was defensive in nature, having fought two wars in twenty years to insure independance from europe, and the advent of new republics being founded in the former spanish colonies, it was decided that a clear message to europe was needed. Stay out!
Sometime after the second world war, or maybe during it, the powers that be (which became the Eisenhower administration) decided to extend this policy globally. Now, whenever any administration decides to go to war they need only claim that it is in the interest of national security, weather or not there is any threat of invasion. Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Iraq (2x); none of these countries posed any significant threat to our borders, but we went. We sent troops, killed folks, burned villages, ruined crops, and we wonder why we're not so popular anymore. I suppose it's too late to vote for Adelaide Stevenson.

As astute as you are historically, I know this is just a Theo off the cuff rant, because you also know that isolationism is a failed policy that would create a global have's vs. have not's considering we are the wealthiest nation on the planet. You think we'd have a deficit at all if it were for our extensive interests in our many friends out there in the world? Gov't's are no different than people. People defend their friends, people defend their interests. Korea and Europe have benefited from our loyalty. They still exist because we didn�t �Keep out� of their business. Kuwaiti's are grateful we came and helped out with the ENTIRE rest of the world (don't confuse desert storm with the present). Ted, there are righteous reasons to go to war. Bad things happen during war and innocent people sometimes get killed. As sad as those situations are, it does not negate the whole effort or make the cause any less righteous.
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