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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


My mother did her best to raise me in the catholic faith, but it was a different sunday mass that I chose as my adoptive faith. Football. I love football. When I was a kid I loved the Dallas Cowboys (hey, it was the seventies; Staubach, Pearson, Newhouse), but in the mid-eighties when I moved in with my brother and his wife they laid down the law: "Love the Giants or get out". The Giants were easy to love back then. The Tuna wasn't the over publicized dynasty builder that he is today, Phil Simms was the working class hero, short on talent, long on doing whatever it took to get the ball in the end zone, and then there was L.T. Who didn't love L.T.? (Theisman?) And Mark Bavaro, how New York was Mark Bavaro? Well those days sure are gone. I hope Tom Coughlin can make something out of Big Blue, but it's Team Green that get's most of my attention these days. I love Herm. Herm is a man's man. Nothing phony about Herm. This season has promise. Chad is healthy, we got rid of Vinny, and in a wierd sort of synchronistic turn of events we're getting Quincy Carter to back up Chad. I wasn't too sure about Quincy until the Cowboys let him go for failing a drug test, now I love him. I think that recreational drug use is a man's perogative, as is his right to throw his career down the drain. What's the point of being a professional football player if you can't sniff coke of a hooker's tits. Not to mention all the drugs that they are recomended to take by team physicians. Ah digression, my strongsuit, anyway I'm looking forward to a great season of shouting "Break his fuckin' neck" at the tv screen at my local bar, or better yet from the bleachers with a five dollar hot dog and six dollar beer.

i'll see if i can get four tix to a jets game this year. you, legal diva, me and Josh?
My heart is still blue, but the Jets do look good right now. It looks like they might have fixed the defence. I agree, the addition of quincy is a good think with Chad being injury prone.
I live in the South so it's the college game I crave, but with M Vick back in action we might have something interesting to bring to the big show this year. I'm green over blue, but like blue nonetheless. I hate to break it to you, but sober or not, Q Carter sucks and has since his lack luster days in Athens GA. That's alright. No NFL team posesses any depth at the QB slot. The Falcons sure proved that case last year.

Anyhoo, I told my wife I would resist the college football glazed eye affect I get this time of year as long as I could hold out, but the kickoff classic is this Saturday and the wagering has begun in earnest. Nothing else has begun to matter again. I might have to curtail my blogging time to make room for my ESPN research. GOD I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Go Terps! Go Army! Go anybody who's playing Georgia Tech, Florida State, and Notre Dame! Oh yeah... Break some F'ing necks!!!
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