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Monday, August 30, 2004


If the GOP wants to pay tribute to the families of the victims, who indeed are the real victims, of 9/11, then they should all pack up and go home. Oh yeah, and take these crazy demonstrators with you. It is an offense that anybody could be so callous as to use this tragedy in such a transparent attempt at exploiting these unfortuante souls. Mike and especially Rudy should be ashamed of their participation in this. Yes, Mr. Pataki, there is something still missing from the skyline, and there's something missing from the hearts of the GOP, compassion. Any truly compassionate soul would not use this tragedy as a tool for re-election. I have never seen any evidence of compassion coming from the right.

I would have prefered that both parties have their conventions in NYC. It would have been a chance to show those who committed the atrocities that even our sharply divided country still has something in common with each other: We will not be intimidated to the point of having our freedom curtailed. It would have been a great way to bring the two parties together on this one point at least. I'll try to catch a little of the convention highlights so that I'm not talking out my ass about what these guys are doing this week. These infomercials bore the crap out of me as does most of what else is on.

Thank God college football has started...
I like that idea. It would have certainly been beneficial to the GOP to be seen less as oportunists, and both parties would have benefitted from being seen as more inclusive and the whole thing would have brought us all closer together.
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