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Tuesday, August 03, 2004



It's worth noting how many times the word "Kerry" shows up just on his home page. Kerry slips, Kerry stumbles, Kerry nearly done...all about Sen. John Kerry. Nothing about issues.


On John's site it's all about John too, and the issues. John wants to do this, this is John's plan, read about John. In fact the only Bush reference is this:

"The Bush-Cheney campaign is running one of the most negative and misleading campaigns ever. They don't know how to attack the problems working people face, so they attack John Kerry and John Edwards."

That's it. No smears. No attacks on Bush's character. I guess George can handle that on his own, he doesn't need Kerry to make him look stupid, but he does need staffers to make him look smart, alot of staffers, many many staffers, you could say it takes a host of staffers to make him look smart, and even then...well....they're not really doing a good job of it are they?

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