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Thursday, August 19, 2004


Yesterday after work (6:00 PM) I met some associates at Park Bar to say farewell to a coleague. I ordered a Stella and chatted with a friend who had at one time sent her kids to the Little Red Schoolhouse. We talked about the famous people who's children go there. I finished my always refreshing Stella, and left. It was 6:30, and I wanted to catch the 7:20 commuter bus, but I had to stop at Duggal on 23rd to drop off some film, so I decided to walk to the 41st street bus terminal. After I left Duggal, I proceeded west down 23rd and I bumped into my sister-in-law's sister who was in the middle of a conference call on her cell (damn clients always find you), she signaled for the Stop and Chat so while she finished up I bought a Gatorade and a pack of Parliament at the newspaper stand. "How was the beach", "Lot's of naps", "Naps rule", "Gotta run". Total encounter time; 3 minutes. Very New York. I'm off up 7th avenue. I passed Madison Square Garden, the site of this years Republican National Convention, where the transformation is almost complete, I think the Death Star will be ready before The Rebels attack. Then I bumped into Justin from WWIX , we briefly caught up, phone calls were promised. Justin was in the middle of a common New York dilema. He had a party to go to in Manhattan later, but he lives in Brooklyn. "Should I go home, or to a movie?" I suggested "Maria Full Of Grace" which is playing at Lanmark Sunshine Cinema, and told Justin that I had to run. It was now 7:07. I had roughly fifteen minutes, time to fast walk. It's all about pedestrian management. You have to look a half block ahead and see the feild, watch for the holes. As I made my way up the escalator at the bus terminal I could hear a song I recognised. The guy at the coffee stand on the second floor was blasting "Starbreaker" by Judas Priest, a good omen. I looked up at the clock, 7:14, I'm going to make it. As I got to the platform, the Red And Tan was just pulling up.

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