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Friday, August 06, 2004


"Texas educators are debating what will be taught in new sexual education textbooks for its high school students. The 15-member Texas Board of Education is considering and will likely approve four books, all of which extol the virtues of abstinence. Three make no mention of contraceptives at all while one makes passing reference to condoms." -- Reuters

You can preach abstinance, but you can't teach it. Teens will fuck. I did. You did. They will. It's a good thing Trojan and other condom companies advertise in magazines popular with youth culture.

If you think that's bad, down here in a suburb north of Atlanta, the county board of education was actually debating the inclusion of stickers in the front of science text books with some BS verbiage about evolution being only one theory amongst many including creationism. During the debate, the county superintendent of schools proposed changing all references to evolution to �changes over a period of time.� There is no end in site to the zealotry that the Southern Baptist Convention, aka America�s Taliban, will inflict on us down here. Fight it at all costs. Fortunately, those that are taking their fundamentalists agenda to work in the public sector, such as the above mentioned sup, have been chased out of office, or publicly humiliated. We need to continue to pour it on them until they are as politically irrelevant as the KKK.
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