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Thursday, August 19, 2004



Salih Sadir isn't too happy about being used by G.W. in election adverts. His view is that he is able to compete despite G.W., not because of him. I have no doubt what the response from the opposition will be on this one. But before you go calling this man an ingrate, take a look at some photos of the bodies of his countrymen. G.W. doesn't put that stuff in his ads.

Sadir is certainly an ingrate, but his feelings do not detract from the more impactful issue at hand. Sadir is just one of many of his countrymen that haven't grasped exactly how his life has transformed for the better. The very fact that he can make public statements without the risk of being beaten or tortured is new to him. The fact that his team lost and he won't be thrown into an iron maiden for four weeks in the 120 degree heat of Baghdad is new to him.

GW is who committed the US to war in Iraq. You guys have been beating him up about every little tidbit of news no matter how relevant or irrelevant, and you're chastising him for making a point of noting a success in his campaign ads? It's as much of a bullshit ploy as the anti-swift boat guys fabricating crap on JK.

Bodies? Sadir is most likely a Sunni. Most of the scuttle I've read on the Iraqi soccer team is that those who remain are mostly carry overs from Uday's team. The team has yet to be desegregated. Why don't you show him the bodies in the killing fields of HIS Kurd/Shiite countrymen, Ted? Why not show him the grieving mothers and widows of the swamp Shiites who Saddam systematically slaughtered? How 'bout the Pulitzer photo of the Kurdish mother lying dead in the street with her little baby clutched in her arms (equally as dead) after being gassed by Saddam's air force? Why not be outraged by that Ted? It makes me fucking sick.

Sadir is more than likely pissed off because he may just end up losing his coveted spot on the team to a "lesser" Shiite or Kurdish player next Olympic season. All because GW, rightly or wrongly, leveled the playing field on his ass.

I'll retract my earlier statement. Maybe Sadir's life isn't going to change to his betterment. Maybe he'll actually have to EARN his way onto the team next year. Maybe he'll have to actually work for his money vs. basking in the favors he and his family were undoubtedly enjoying by being good little Baathists.

Just because this twit inspires to be revolting doesn't mean you have to be.
So he's 'most likely' a Sunni. You don't know him. You haven't met him or anybody like him. You read and think you know. It's quite possible that he comes from a privledged family, even with ties to Hussein. But you don't know that. I don't remember when any Irqai (Sunni, Khurd, or any other) asked us to take out Saddam, much less to drive our tanks all over destroying what little they do have, and killing thousands of innocents in the process. You keep trying to put a noble face on slaughter. It makes you sick what Hussein's regime did, but it doesn't make you sick to see what we are doing? That makes little sense to me. Our kids are dying now, not just thiers. That's better? Our Imperialism started this, and our belligerence has painted us in to a corner without any recourse. We are damned if we do, and damned if we don't. Our incessant need to push into new markets coupled with our support of Israel has caused this mess. We toss money around thinking that gives us the right to tell sovereigns what they can do. Fiscal blackmail is the name of our game. That makes me sick. Weather or not that makes any sense to you is of little consequence; it's how they feel. They are angry, and they fight dirty. Your black and white view of things may make it easier on you in the short term, but in the long run you'll see that we're headed down a destructive path, and have been for fifty years.
You WOEFULLY underestimate what responsiblity we have as a nation in the eyes of the world. To say that there were no Iraqis calling for our assistance in ousting Saddam is just being plain ignorant. Noble face on slaughter? Oh, are you talking about those poor innocents Fedieen militant/zelots? Yes your right, I must grieve for them. And while we're at it, let's shed a tear for for the Nazi generals who so wittingly gave us the final solution. Is it your suggestion that the Iraqis firing on us were "innocent" civilians? Our kids are dying now? You mean our adult volunteer army soidiers don't you? They'd be a little insulted to be considered kids without reasoning skills.

We are in no way damned if we do. Only you and the other negative nanny's think that there is no win to be had here for whatever reason it was all started and that's what pisses off us at in the center. The rest of us see a chance to plant democracy in a country that has suffered nothing but tyranny for many decades. What IF THAT succeeds? Are you rooting for that NOT to happen? Are the efforts of those Iraqi's who are doing their best to help this along deservant of your ire so much that you wish that kind of failure on them? You may think that they ALL feel like this fuktard soccer player (to coin a Shark phase), but it is not the case. This is not Vietnam as much as you guys want it to be, or whether or not you think America's cause in Iraqi was just.

Is it your stance that Israel has no claim to its country? That Jews would just be alright without our protection? What's your beef there? Even if you don't back US support of Israel, it was your buddies over at that mythical place called the UN that set that up with international support. What's the conspiracy theory surrounding our support of them? We get nothing from them on the trade front, no oil, pisses those we do buy oil from off, so what is it?

I think you'd rather think the whole world is going to hell in a hind basket instead. I think you'd rather zero in on any piece of negative news that can be mined out of the media (no hard search required there) in support of this America bad guy thing. American imperialism indeed. When did you become so depressed? Let me know when you're going to throw that chair through the Starbucks window so I know to get my crap coffee at Seattle's Best that week.
Again you malign my intent. I am not depressed. I am not a 'chair thrower', or a defender of those who shoot at out SOLDIERS. I hope peaced prevails in that region. I do not think our current policy will be effective in that goal. I don't think you understand what makes these people tick. As for Isreal, it was uor support of a Jewish nation state that got the 'mythical' U.N. to push for it. Nobody seemed to care then if we pissed off a few arabs. What did we gain? A beholden state in the midlle east to start with.
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