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Wednesday, August 18, 2004


My roomate, Andy Rock (Andrejev Jovanovic) has been diving in to my vast collection of seventies vinyl. He's in his mid twenties, and he was raised on Guns And Roses and Motley Crue. Andy happens to be an exceptional guitar player, and he has found my record collection to be a great place to expand his influences. Enter Steeley Dan and Jeff Beck. Last night we hung out drinking Jack Daniels and passing the pipe. I turned him onto "The Secret Policeman's Other Ball", a live recording of an Amnesty Interrnational concert in 1982. The record features Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton dueling it out on "Further On Up The Road" and "Crossroads", a duel Jeff dominates, and the classic Beck tune "Cause We'Ve Ended As Lovers" which Clapton wisely leaves to Beck. Andy, already a "Blow By Blow" convert, was blown away by Jeff's live performance, as well he should be. Later in the evening as the Jack and weed took it's toll we sat engulfed by Steley Dan's "Aja". Eyes closed, in love with saxophones and electric pianos, we drifted along with the songs. At one point, our friend Wacky Jacky, uncomfortable in the lack of conversation, said; "Somebody say something". There was a pause, I looked at Andy, I turned to Jacky; "How about -'shut up'."

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