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Friday, August 27, 2004


UFO was one of those great english hard rock bands that just couldn't break america. Like their contemporaries, Thin Lizzy, UFO released quality records throughout the 70's and enjoyed success everywhere but here. In 1979 guitarist Michael Schenker letf the band for the umpteenth and final time. This left some very large shoes to fill. Mike Chapman, who had filled in for Schenker on countless tours when the 'difficult' artist would invariably fail to show up, was the natural choice as replacement. In 1980, armed with a slew of great songs and a new guitar player with alot to prove, UFO went into the studio with none other than Sir George Martin. I love this album. I always come back to it and am never disapointed. The production is the best they ever enjoyed (Thanks George). Songs like "Anyday" and "Take It Or Leave It" show remarkable depth in both the lyric, and the tune. On their cover of the Elvis classic "Mystery Train" Chapman simply 'heads out'. Though I'm a huge Schenker fan, I never miss him for a second on this record. Subsequent releases differ. The second side (Youngblood, No Place To Run, Take It Or Leave It, Money, and Anyday) is one of those perfect album sides. Phil Mogg (vocals) was certainly at his best on this album, both as a writer and as a performer. It's a shame this record never got it's due. As much as UFO rises to the occasion on No Place To Run, the public, it seems, wanted Schenker's leads and didn't much care about songs.

OMG, UFO is one of the greatest bands ever! I saw them in Tuscon, AZ (sans Michael Schenker) when I was in 9th grade. They totally rocked the house.
Awesome albums like: No Heavy Petting, Force it, Phenomenon, but my favorite UFO album of all time was "Strangers in the night (Live)". LIGHTS OUT CHICAGO!!!
Also the cover art of UFO records back then were very cool as well.
Absolutely Hue. 'Strangers' is the best live LP of all time. Even Tony Alva can agree with that. I saw them in 97 here in NYC, full reunion, 'Strangers' line-up.
Can't resist a UFO post to bring me back from blogging ignore land... Have seen many different UFO line ups, but none better than the 1977 show with MS. Changed my life forever especially since they were opening for REO Speedwagon.

I'll try to exercise more restraint. I owe Hue a conciliatory beer.
Ah, UFO and Beer. Bringing folks together.
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