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Monday, August 30, 2004


A grave error in my list of twenty-five most influential (to me) LP's was the omission of this record by the Beastie Boys. Often referred to (by me) as the Sgt Pepper's of my generation, Paul's Boutique took sampling as far as it can go. In 1989, The Beastie's, having left Def Jam over a royalties dispute, released this collection of grooves, rhymes, and hooks on thier own Grand Royall label (dist. by Capitol). The list of samples is so ecclectic, it would take a lifetime to discover them all. From Alice Cooper to Motorhead, James Brown to Parliament, the Beasties cover an immense amount of ground simply paying homage to their own vinyl collections. In what must have been a frenzy of sheer creativity, the Beasties, along with the production team of the Dust Brothers, unleashed on the world a truly psychadelic groove machine that is to this day unmatched by any hip hop act. One of my favorite things about this record is that nowhere, at no time, do any of the Beasties try to come off as mature adults. This is a fun record, about having fun, and made by people who were having fun doing it.

"people come up to me and they try to talk shit, man
I was making records when you were sucking your mother's dick"--- MCA

I believe the line is "...sucking your mother's tit," which is both anatomically correct and rhymes with "shit."

Great album. I guess you know yr old when you remember fondly seeing the Beasties when they were still a hardcore band at a free concert in Tompkins Square sponsored by the Hare Krishnas.
Just another aspect of this record that is great is the fact that it runs all together with no track breaks. It is one of the last album as a package vs. collections of songs. Go back to your post on the death of the album re: iPod/mp3. This is exactly what we were blogging about. I can't imagine downloading a single song of Paul's Boutique onto my iPod. It would sound like someone started recording after the track had already started. Much like St. Pepper's, it is a complete piece of work that must remain together to be appreciated to it's fulliest. Thier latest one is formatted the same way. While I agree that I miss to total lack of maturity of those early B Boys records, they haven't completely "grown up". The new one is a great record as well, parsed with a little adult politics, but plenty of zany B Boys references and samples.
I checked on a lyric site, and it said 'dick'. Now I know that means little, but since I like it better than 'tit', which would be anotomically correct, and therefore less interesting, I chose the former. Even on the vinyl the lyrics are too small to read. It probabaly is 'tit', but hey, it's my blog and I'll lie if I want to.
If you liked Paul's Boutique, then you will like thier lastest studio effort. I can't stop playing it.

If you haven't purchased "to the 5 boroughs" then stop what you are doing and run (don't walk) to your local music store and Ch-Check it out!
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