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Thursday, August 26, 2004


WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A legal adviser to the Bush-Cheney campaign resigned Wednesday after revealing that he had also advised the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the 527 group that has launched a campaign to discredit Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's military record.

This is where I get to use one of my favorite words, cahoots. As in; I knew they were in cahoots all along. Liars and lawyers have a very special bond.

Why is it OK to constantly harp on W's Alabama Nat'l gaurd record under the guise of seeking the truth about a candidate, but when these Swifties do the same thing it's all lying and underhandedness? You can't have it both ways folks. Either both candidates are to be scrutinized equally, or not. You are showing your true colors by bashing the fact that people are digging into an issue that the Kerry camp platformed in the first place. If you truely are a believer in the 1st amendment, then you shouldn't have a problem with the opposition diving into the details of your guys military past. Counter the claims, not the fact that they are presenting them.
It's the lies Tony, the lies. The Bush campaign claimed no ties to the swifties, well we see now that's not true. The swifties claims are false. Nothing being said here about G.W.'s military record is a lie. If pointing out facts is harping, then I plan to be a big harper. You are just upset because it keeps getting worse for your guy, or at least the guy you are always defending in your comments here. Please show me where I'm wrong on this. What has Kerry or anybody supporting him said about G.W that's false?
Keep up the good fight Jackson!
These right wingers think they are the only ones who can be patriotic.
I find it funny that W's boys attack people who actually went to war.
These are the same jackasses who smeared Max Cleland (who left two legs and an arm in Nam). They questioned his patriotism, war record AND compared him to OBL!
First off, Fuck Hue, I am far being any right winger by any stretch of the imagination and if you're to fucking stupid or obtuse to dilliniate the differnce between blind partisan, election year, BS which makes up this issue than go preach to your lemming choir of delusional lefties and anarchists.

I live in Georgia and have nothing but respect for Max Clealand's military service. That certainly doesn't mean by any stretch of the imagination that his governing skills & accomplishments are as dubious. And that is the reason Georgians tossed his ass out last go round. Kerry brought this whole issue to bear on his own. You can look for all the conspiracy you want, but it sounds to rational non-partisans like wanting it both ways.
Kerry brought this all on himself when he decided to run. He knew he would take flak about his anti-nam press conference back in '71. That is fair. I have no problem with anybody who wants to bring that up, because it's valid. His war record, however, should not be questioned. That's all I'm saying. Kerry has to defend his actions, so does Bush. That's the game. The swifties, and any other group that buys ad time on the public airwaves to spread lies, are dishonorable, and that is the issue. Nobody is asking to have it both ways, I want it one way, the honest way.
Why the harsh words Tony? I never called you a right winger. In fact, my comment had nothign to do with you. When I said right wingers I was referring to W's boys.

I also didn't make any comments on Georgians (I love HOTlanta), I just think the anti Cleland ads were disrespectful.

Don't get me wrong I think it would be wise for Kerry to distance himself from organizations like MoveOn.org (who are just as disgusting as the Swifties).

I was only complementing Jackson on his blog.

I'll get back to preaching to my lemming choir of delusional lefties and anarchists.
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