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Monday, August 30, 2004


It got hot in here last friday. As my brother (not Fred) said "Politics are bad, friends are good". Amen. This election is important to me. I have become politicized for many reasons, among them the facts of where I live (New York) and where I work (homosexual population: 50%). I am surrounded by Bush haters. I have always been a liberal, and am susceptible to being pumped full of rhetoric and running with it on my blog. I do not believe, for instance, that anybody in our current administration is inherently evil in nature. Misguided, yes. Addled, yes. In it up to their ears, definitely. My main problem with the right has always been it's ties to religion, and the danger that represents to my civil liberties (and yours). I like the Democrats because they at least try to help the little guy. 'Trickle Down' economics fail to trickle all the way down. There's never anything left for the people who need the most. If nominee 'A' says I'm gonna make the the rich pay more taxes (than they currently do), well that's attractive to me. I have gone on the record as saying that nominee A's health care plan is no plan at all, so 'misguided' might apply to both parties. In the end the war is the last issue that I'm concerned with. The same people with the same guns will be shooting the same people come November. For me, it's all about who represents my interests. The Democrats say they do, the Republicans admit they don't. There is no argument, I'll vote Kerry. Not because of what may or may not have happened thirty-five years ago, but because what I have seen in the past thirty-eight years.

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