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Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Co-author of "Unfit For Command", Jerome Corsi is quite a piece of work. Check out some of his views:


This anti-Kerry diatribe (the book) lacks credibility simply because it's authors are so extremely biased. If you want to convince me of your sincerety, don't use words like "raghead" and "boy-bumper". These bigots are as fanatical as any member of Al Queda. I doubt that even the President believes this tripe, and he's a big believer in tripe.

Hey, "Golden Ears": any iPod will play _lossless_ music.



And by the way, perhaps you should not judge a book by its cover? Have you read UfC?
This guy is as pathetic as all the Bush bashers with their unsubstantiated BS characterizations about him and his cabinet starting a war to profit, evil to the core, etc... It's as much bullshit as Mr. Corsi's rants. Stick to the issues, stick to the decisions, and judge the candidates by their voting records and leadership qualities. You now know how many Rep's feel about most of the personnal shit that's written about their guy.
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