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Monday, August 16, 2004


The title says it all. Thirty-four years ago, Black Sabbath released their second Lp, "Paranoid", which includes, among other classics, the penultimate anti-war song - "War Pigs". I was on my way to my studio on saturday and happened upon a local anti-war demonstration in Williamsburg. I loved the two women performing "War Pigs" with an accordion, it was funny, and the song fits the occasion. There were posters, buttons, bumper-stickers, and all kinds of anti-Bush paraphanelia, but I didn't see any pro-Kerry swag. Now, I'm all for getting the people out in the streets voicing thier rage, but we have to put a kinder face on all the hate. I hate Bush, no doubt, but the way to win this election is by getting people to vote for somebody, not against. Next time try "Power To The People", it's more positive, and I'm sure Mr. Kerry would agree.

Might the protesters you are refering to be the same ones who were unsuccessful in building the Bush effigy riding the big rocket out in front of the store front last I was in Brooklyn? Hysterical...
The very same. Very funny. Too bad.
Oh yeah, I forgot... War Pigs great tune. One of my all time favs. Anyone who knows me also knows of my undying love for Ozzy. Ozzy as a political pundit, not one who I'd cite to support my postions perhaps. Now Rob Halford perhaps�:-)
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