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Monday, October 04, 2004


I couldn't decide which record I liked more, so I'm gonna do a twofer. In 1972, after four years of trying to break it in the biz, on March 26th, after a gig in Zurich, Mott The Hoople called it quits. Lack of record sales, bad management, and general depression had taken it's toll despite the burgeoning scene in London. The problem was David Bowie wouldn't let them quit. He convinced them to reform, and on the stregth of his recent success (Space Oddity/Changes) he convinced CBS to sign them, and not only produced their next record (All The Young Dudes) he wrote them a hit song-'All The Young Dudes' (this just prior to producing 'Transformer' for Lou Reed). The record starts of with a cover of Lou Reed's 'Sweet Jane', most likely prompted by Bowie, a huge Lou fan, needless to say, the song rocks. Along with the title track and the Lou cover, this album is a start to finish, five star, masterpiece. "Sucker', 'Jerkin' Crocus' and 'One of the Boys' offer up the standard Mott fare of the time, rock and roll licks and rock and roll riffs, with smarmy lyrics about smarmy english men with Gibson Guitars. Ian Hunter is the english Bob Dylan, and he comes through time and again on this record. 'Sea Diver' is a beautiful melencholy ballad, and the Mick Ralphs penned 'Ready For Love' would end up a hit for Bad Company when he and Paul Rodgers threw their considerable talents together the next year. I'm not sure why Mick left the Mott, there have been stories of unproffesional behavior however. The next album features his replacement, the very talented and suitable fit; Ariel Bender (whtever happened to Ariel Bender?....great name). Released the next year (1973), 'Mott' is almost as good an offering as 'Dudes'. 'All The Way From Memphis', 'Drivin' Sister', and 'I Wish I Was Your Mother' are all fantastic tracks, but it's 'The Ballad of Mott The Hoople (March 26th 1972 Zurich) that get's me weepin'. It's just such a great song, and it really gives you insight to the mindset of Ian Hunter. I can't get enough of these records, and if you're not a collector, and want to see what the lack of hype is about, check out their awesome anthology: 'All The Young Dudes: The Anthology'. It's only Rock and Roll, and I like it.

Another great blog.
Ariel Bender is the pseudonym of Luther Grosvenor from: Spooky Tooth, Deep Feeling, Mott, and Widow Maker (again under the name Ariel Bender).

Ian Hunter, what an important part of Music, required listening for anyone who is serious music. I'm going to have to get 'All The Young Dudes: The Anthology'.

Hey BTW I just ordered my copy of "Ramones Raw" DVD... pretty stoked.
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