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Friday, October 01, 2004


In 1976 Joe Walsh joined the Eagles just in time to record their masterpeice, Hotel California. After the massively successful tour for that album Joe took some time to record his fourth solo album 'But Seriously Now Folks...'. It's clear upon listening that Joe had hit his stride as well. This album never gets old. The production is top notch, and the material is his best offering, including the Eagles and the James Gang. My favorite song on the record is 'Tomorrow', Joe's ode to procrastination:

"I'm gonna spend the rest of today
Makin' a list of things to do
But I'll do 'em all tomorrow
It can wait until tomorrow"

Most people are familiar with the hit off this record; 'Life's Been Good'- Joe's ode to rock stardom. What blows my mind about this song is that it's so well arranged that you don't notice that it clocks in at 8:57. This is one difficult feat to manage in any era of rock. In fact when the song wraps up, you get that feeling you sometimes get with a good song; that you don't want it to end yet. The whole second side of this record is a testament to an artist's vision, two instrumentals followed by a nine minute single. There's just nothing like that in rock music today.
I just love Joe, if I could invite one celebrity to dinner, it would be Joe....or Ringo.

Great post... Joe Walsh is one of many unsung NCO's of rock and roll. Everything he touches leads to positive results without taking over. He is a very multi dementional guitar player with expert level writer/producer skills. His eclecticism when it comes to his solo ventures probably kept him out of the "Big and Huge" world of rock stardom, but that is exactly where I think he likes to be. I watch my copy of "Hell Freezes Over" DVD just to listen to what he's doing. His "In The City" is amazing. As soon as the intro cords are played I instantly go back to the night the West Point movie theater ran the film "The Warriors". That song was the out over credits at the end. All we wanted to do was go out and break shit.
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