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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


We're six days away from history. So I ask what do you want? Do you want your freedoms chisled away by fascists? Do you want the war to continue to be mismanaged by an inept business man? Do you want faith based (biased) politics? Do you want to slow down the progress of medical science? Do you want large corporations to grow more powerful, while your voice goes unheard? Do you want the destruction of our natural enviroment to go unchecked? Do you want spiraling national debt? If you do, make sure you vote for George W. Bush, and don't forget about the House and the Senate, you can vote to send more close minded jerks to Washington on that level as well.
If, however, you don't want those things, and would like to vote for someone with conscience, and conviction, someone who will fight these evils, then I implore you to vote for Senator John F. Kerry, I know I am.

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