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Tuesday, October 19, 2004


If I can help it, and I may not because I plan on flying to Atlanta quite a bit, I will avoid flying Delta in the future. They use this hair-brained system for seating, Zones. If you pay more you get a lower zone number, and board earlier. It does not, however affect where you sit. So 'zone one' could include passengers all over the plane. This makes for haphazzard and lengthy seating. What ever happened to back to front seating? I don't mind waiting, I just hate waiting on line with a hundred other people while bag-draggers shove their ungainly luggage in the overhead baggage compartments, taking up all the room, and leaving us 'zone eights' squat. I was also inconvienienced when a second Edward Wilson boarded and was given the same seat assignment. I was there first, but I had to get up and let 'Ed 2' sit (because he was travelling with a friend) while they 'found' me a seat on a fully booked flight.

I thought you might find this interesting regarding the logic behind the Delta seating system from the Enquirer.
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