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Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Over the years I have manged to amass a collection of vinyl that threatens 1,200 volumes. I'm afraid, however, that the days of finding a diamond in the rough are over. There used to be four used vinyl dealers in the four block area south west of Washington Square Park in New York City. Now there are two, and one is Bleeker Bob's, where I will only go if I've exhausted every other avenue. Bob charges an arm and a leg and a lung for any vinyl in good condition. The other is Bleecker Street Records, who assumed the collection that was housed by Generation Records before they shut down (same ownewrship). I went there Saturday, and was disapointed. There's nothing left. The bins are full of crap that nobody will ever buy, meanwhile the Bowie, Neil, Zappa, Velvets, ect... bins were empty. It seems all the good stuff is gone. Thankfully I was able to get most of what I'm interested in over the past fifteen years. There are a few exceptions, and one is Nazareth 'Playing The Game'. I need this record to complete my set, if anybody can help. I was able to pick up a Black Oak Arkansas record, the Tommy Bolin solo record, Crack The Sky's first record, and the Firefall album with 'Mexico' on it (it's the same one that has "you are the lover that I've always dreamed of..."). Slim pickin's. I was psyched about the Tommy Bolin record, but when Andy Rock and I dropped it for a spin, it just wasn't great. Certainly no Jeff Beck 'Blow By Blow' which I was sort of hoping it would be. More of a Whitford/St. Holmes type deal. Sounds good on paper.

Dude, guard your vinyl collection with your life. Whitford/St. Holmes... Your on a roll.
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