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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Chris and I are taking a trip to Atlanta to record a band that Tony Alva is producing at his studio, Grey Cat Sound, located in the suburbs of Atlanta. Isn't most of Atlanta located in the suburbs of Atlanta? Anyway, we are looking forward to the experience of trying to get our killer drum sound in a different room. Tony and I began our recording carreers together back in the mid eighties at Coal Mine Sound (West Point, NY) cutting our teeth on analog tape. We've done some sessions with Tony at our studio, Smoke And Mirrors (Williamsburg, Bkln), but I haven't done an all out full band recording with Tony since 1989. It will be fun, and hard work. Doubtless saturday will be the toughest day, not only because that's the first day of proper tracking, but also because Tony won't be able to watch all the college football games.

right on, hope you guys have a good session.

Ahhhh Hotlanta, I love that town.

stop in to the varsity and have a chilli dawg and rings in my honor.

good luck on the "killer drum sound"
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