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Friday, October 22, 2004


I enjoy blogging for various reasons, not the least of which is my oversized sense of self worth, but one of the best things that has happened since I started blogging is being introduced to Hue B. Mooksuki. Hue happened upon my blog, and in it he found a like minded cyber pal, and I likewise. When I began blogging in earnest I was giving it to G.W. on a daily basis, anything I could dig up to throw in his smug mug. Of late I have tired of it, tired of the pundits, and tired of playing into their game. Hue, however, has not, and I commend him on his recent rant on Sean Hannity. Here's a guy that I would not even think twice about kicking straight in the sac, and then kicking him again while he was writhing upon the pavement. When I was in Georgia an old friend of mine mentioned she listened to Hannity regularly. I cannot begin to describe the depth of my dissapointment. Even for comic value, well it just goes way beyond what can be considered decent moral behavior. Anyway, Hue gives it to the bastard fairly regular, so check it out...I Hate Huezine!

Thanks for the kind words Jackson.

Sean Hannity is an evil man who lies to his minions on a regular basis. I too have friends who listen to Sean on a regular basis, I feel it's my duty to point out the BS when ever I can.

It's an honor to have my blog Blogged by you.

PS I've been listening to "entertainment" for the last couple days, and it's as fresh as it was when I was an getting my ass kicked by jocks for wearing Black Flag T-shirts back in the day... : )

Also regarding this week's picks, i think it was only fan loyatly that caused me to pick the packers this week.

Keep up the good work
Hue B. Mooksuki

OH YEAH, i just got my RAMONES DVD, And I'd like to give a big HELLS YEAH! GOD REST OUR BOYS' SOULS. GABBA GABBA HEY!!!
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