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Friday, October 22, 2004


Andy Rock, Devon, and THE GUY have been sequestered in Andy's room the past few weeks listening to 'Van Halen II' over and over. After much discussion it was decided by them (not me) that it is the best VH record. I don't disagree, it's just hard to make such a statement. Tony Alva has maintaned in the past that 'Fair Warning' is his favorite, and I always countered with 'Women And Children First', but sitting with the guys and really listening to the record, it has the best riffs. 'DOA', 'Lighting Up The Sky', undeniable riffage. It's hard to say which of the first four is the best, but not hard to say that anything after 'Fair Warning' falls a little flat. 'Hot For Teacher' just can't compare to ANYTHING on this record, so until somebody forces me into declaring otherwise, I'll go wth Andy and the guys for now. By the way Tony, 'Women In Love' is right up your alley, it's pushing your range a little, but I think we'd get awesome results. That's awesome in the hot dog sense, not the God and the universe sense.

'All these crazy women
ah just one more crazy night
but one night is all we're given
so baby leave me alone
or maybe you can stay the night'

that was the last Van Halen record i bought. i went to see them in concert when they toured on that album. although i can't speak to the Sammy Hagar years, i will go out on a limb and agree with Andy Rock. i'll bet it didn't get better than that.
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