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Friday, October 22, 2004


I've never been, but I wish I was there last night for this gig - Bob Mould, Paul Westerberg, and Golden Smog among others. I've been thinking about Minneapolis alot lately, unfortunately not the Twins. I watched Purple Rain two days ago, for the first time in what seems like fifteen years. Still holds up, bad acting, decent story, but man those concert sequences. I get chills when he does that "Do you want him, or do you want me, cuz I want you..." thing in 'The Beautiful Ones'. What an exceptional performer. Guys like him are thin on the ground. Motzart, Zappa, Prince.... Eddie Van Halen could have ranked among them, but that whole hollywood coke and booze thing screwed him up but good, now he's a lost cause. Back to Minneapolis though. I bought a CD copy of "Please To Meet Me" after my brother blogged 'Alex Chilton'. I figured I needed to have it at my disposal. I was always a 'Skyway'/'Can't Hardly Wait' guy, but I rediscovered 'Nevermind', which is currently blowing my mind. It's sort of the logical extension of 'Unsatisfied', so I'm happy about that. Anyway, I'm overdue for a trip to that particular musical mecca. Keep me posted Hue, next time Bob M. and Paul W. share a stage, we need to be there.

i can't believe i missed this blog.

minneapolis is a great city. minneapolis is home to one the funkiest, groove based bands i've ever heard... Greazy Meal

i think you would like these guys, in fact i know you would like these guys. they just wrapped their latest cd and they have an awesome concert DVD put together by my good friend (producer, engineer, and HUEZINE sometime blogger) Capt. Sunshine a.k.a. Q Mooksuki, Qfunk, CorFar, Cory Q...
Check out the trailers, it's a great DVD of the Greazy Meal reunion show. the minneapolis crowds are insane at this show.

It's a great city of music...
oh, BTW my good friends from the Band ShadowBox are moving to New York as soon as they vote for Kerry... check out their website...

ok ok, i'm a scatter brain, i just get so psyched about minneapolis bands...

my whole point of bringing up greazymeal other than the fact i'm what GreazyMeal lovingly refers to their fans as a "greazy mutha fucker" (who spreads the word of the funk to anyone who will listen)...
the main reason is you mentioned the show footage from "purple rain" - That's what every Greazy show is like. Definately check out the trailers from that DVD and buy it if you got some spare $$$...

if you're not completly satisfied, I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR $$$ BACK!!!!

keep up the great work.

hue b. mooksuki
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