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Thursday, October 28, 2004


Since the Gotam Gal linked to it, I checked it out. I'm not a big Eminem fan, but I do think that in the Hip Hop world, Mr. Mathers is an innovator. I am still a little uncomfortable with having him on my side, as it were, with the election and such. I do appreciate the fact that he may be able to influence some folks to vote, folks who probably won't, or at least haven't in the past, and that's always a good thing. The video istelf is cool I guess, I mean any rap video without booty and bling is refreshing, although I rather like the booty. There are some effective moments; "This is Bin Laden/Look at him noddin", and when the soldier gets sent BACK to Iraq he says "Fuck Bush". That moment is destined for contraversy, but it speaks to a very telling notion, that there are soldiers, many soldiers who do not like the job the President has done, and like less the consequences that they have to face for his actions. I grew up in the military, and I know that the GOP counts on the military vote. Historically it has been overwhelmingly in favor of the Republicans, because Democrats are famous for cutting defense spending, and that means housing, jobs, and health care for soldiers, not just guns. Things are different this time, Eminem knows it, I know it, my Dad knows it. I wonder if George knows.

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