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Friday, October 01, 2004


Almost forgot.

Pittsburg beats Cincinatti
New England beats Buffalo
Oakland beats Houston
Washington beats Cleveland
New Orleans beats Arizona
Jets beat Miami
St. Louis beats San Francisco
Indinapolis beats Jacksonville
Giants beat Green Bay (sorry Hue, wait, no I'm not)
Philly beats Chicago
Atlanta beats Carolina (tough call)
Denver beats Tampa Bay (who cares)
San Diego beats Tennessee (tough call)
Baltimore beats Kansas City (I hope I'm wrong)

That's it folks. This time monday.... Jets 3-0!!!!!

Now why did you have to go and pick the giants to win, they are playing a QB that scored 4 touchdowns last week and lost, thay are palying a team that loves its home field advantage, The Giants need all the help they can get this week to win, and they were doing so well with you picking them to loose (2-1).
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