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Monday, October 25, 2004


Okay first and foremost, Go Jets! You may be thinking I'm askew, didn't they lose? Yes and no. They kept the nations top team scoreless in the second half, limited to one touchdown and two feild goals over all, and they beat the spread. 6-1 doesn't suck, and it seems that the Pats are beatable, next time Bill, next time. Herm, you da man. I am not. I did horrible. Jacksonville beat Indy (nice), San Diego beat Carolina (snore), Detroit beat the Giants (ouch), Miami beat St Loius (one is better than none), Kansas City massacred Atlanta (who knew), Arizona beat Seattle (what?), and lookie here Hue, Green Bay with the big win over Dallas, nice! Why do the undefeated teams have to be in the same divisions as the New York teams? Why? Why, oh God why? It seems that McNabb and Brady are still in good health, I need to call Tanya Harding. Again.

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