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Monday, October 04, 2004


A few years back my good friend Paul Raff got married, and he gave rather eccentric gifts to the members of his wedding party. Mine was a 'life size' (it's actually a bit smaller) bust of Ace Frehley. We keep Ace in our live room at the studio where he sits on a perch doling out the POWER TO ROCK. Many of our clients comment on Ace, but none more so than Mike from Microdot, who inserted odes to Ace in his lyrics during our session yesterday. I hope those lines make the cut, and Mike has assured me they will. Ace had his hands (he doesn't have any) full this weekend, for much ROCK was laid down. We spent saturday with Andy Rock (true rock) and Rob Machold (Microdot) laying down a live take of 'In The Flesh' for our Pink Floyd The Wall tribute (Due Nov. 30, not the 25th as previously posted). It rocked. Andy went on to lay down some solo's, some reverent to Mr. Gilmour, some less so, but it was a fruitful session, and all involved should be proud. Sunday we had Microdot in, and they laid out four songs, which we are going to augment tonight. George Vitray, who's producing these sessions, will then take the project over to his studio, VIA SKYWAY, for mixing. Chris and I have been blessed by our relationship with George, he has taught us invaluable lessons about recording, and mixing records. He also introduced us to Rob Machold, without whom we'd still be creating loops for drum parts. Thanks George, we love you, and your television.

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