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Tuesday, October 19, 2004


When I was in Atlanta I picked up a copy of the Gene Simmons biography, 'Kiss And Make Up' that Tony Alva had on the shelf. I admire Gene for his vision, but was sad to see that he felt obligated to refer to a sexual liason on every page. It reads something like this: "We went on tour, I had sex, Ace did nothing." His constant abuse of Ace, who has abused himself enough at this point, was too much for me. To Gene I say; take a look at your back catalog, see which albums are still selling, then tell me Ace did nothing you big fat wig wearing passable at best bass playing salesman. On the way to the airport I stopped and picked up the new Anthony Keidis bio, 'Scar Tissue'. Oh boy. In Gene's book there's a tryst on every page, in Anthony's it's a syringe. I commend Mr. Keidis on his candor, and his humilty, and find it hard to believe anyone could live through that kind of abuse. Mr. Keidis had help with his book, and it's a better read for it. Gene obviously thought he could go it alone, and it reads at about the seventh grade level. I recomend 'Scar Tissue' to anyone who has or has had a relationship with an addict. It is the best insight into the psyche of the disease I have come across, and without getting preachy, Anthony deals a straight hand on the topic of successful recovery.

The only people KISS have to thank for becoming rock's anachronistic nuisance is KISS. i couldn't get through that book, i agree with you that it read like a junior high schooler wrote it.

I am a huge RHCP fan, saw them at "the mason jar" in Phoenix, AZ back in the day when the great Mr. Hillel Slovak(sp?) was still alive... (god rest his soul). Some concerned parents raised hell about the show (at that time the Red Hots were performing in only their socks). To make the parents happy the Red Hots aggreed to cover themselves. At the show, Flea and the drummer at the time wore towels, Keidis wore an american flag (like a towel, and had a jock strap underneath with a fake pussy complete with pubic hair on the front), but my favorite was Slovak who wore a long sleeve green turtle neck with matching green waders and a pimp hat. This was back during their first record, the entire last set was made up of Hendrix songs... wow i go on and on, sorry.

I will be reading "scar tissue" as soon as i'm done with Jon Stewart's America.

I love rock bios, three of my favorites are:
3 - DIRT - story about the Crew.
2 - WOULDN'T IT BE NICE - Brian Wilson
1 - THE REAL FRANK ZAPPA BOOK - by Frank Zappa

Another great rock book i think you would like is, "Fargo Rock City" by a good friend of mine, Chuck Klosterman.

Keep up the great work, glad to see your back...
So many people over the years have made the claim that they were into the Chilli's back in 'the day', and so much of it we know is crap. Looks like Hue's got the goods to back it up. I remember buying the record after seeing the video for 'True Men...'(it was the most stupefieing thing I had ever seen at that point), and listening to 'Green Heaven' and 'Baby Appeal' while delivering pizza at the University Of Maryland with Pat Wilson circa 84/85. We must have been two out of the ten people who bought that record when it came out.

While Jackson and I are fairly biased on our opinions here, I'd bet you'd like "True Adventures of The Rolling Stones" by Stanley Booth. I've not read the Zappa book but will. The Booth book is the best rock bio I've ever read. Works well when you read it and listen to "Let it Bleed" and "Sticky Fingers" during the same period, and then watch the documentary "Gimme Shelter". If nothing else, the most documented and interesting period in the lives of the Stones.
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