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Monday, October 11, 2004



The recording session at Grey Cat Sound went extremely well. Tony Alva's studio is a great place to make records. Chris and I had great time, and will be back soon. We recorded nine songs in five hours. Most of the credit goes to the band, part of the Life Teen organization, who were extremely professional and prepared. Nothing beats a well rehearsed band. And they rocked! I don't have much experience with christian rock, but if this band is indicative of the genre, then I guess Jesus digs a good rock groove. The differences were that we bagan the session at 8 AM, and the bands communal moment before tracking was prayer, not sharing a joint. I've been quite critical of organized religion in my blogs, but I must say that nobody tried to influence my belief system in any way, and they were very nice, happy, and well adjusted people despite thier passion for christ. Whatever get's you through the night.

I remember a couple years ago I had a channel that played Christian rock videos. I was very impressed by a lot of these bands, there were even a couple hip hop type videos that caught my attention. That channel really changed the way I look at Christian Music as a whole.

The Genre isn't exactly filled with just Amy Grants and Debbie Boones, like I used to think.

There are bands with great players like "Pedro the Lion" and "Jars of Clay"

Like you said, "what ever gets them through the night".

ANY music is better when the musicians totally believe in what they are doing even if it means they won't be #1 in the charts.,, I would rather hear someone who is Passionate about their art, than someone who kicks out tunes just because the market research says it will sell.

9 songs in 5 hours is very impressive.
In addition to the Life Teen Band being well prepared and great people, somehow (and I dare say it might have been divine intervention or just good karma) the old circa 1990's recording equipment held up pretty well during our whirlwind session. I hardly saw Ted or Chris get impatient with having to wait for ADAT tape to shuttle back and forth since they are so used to just hitting the spacebar.

Both guys are to be commended for their efforts. The fact that they had fun and want to come back is just icing on the cake. I can't thank them enough.
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