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Monday, October 11, 2004



First off, in my defense, I made these picks at 7:30 am in about three minutes.
I'm 6 of 13. We'll see how Green Bay does. As of now I'm 35 of 57. Both New York teams won, so I'm happy regardless. Can somebody please break Tom Brady's leg?

Great blog. I really enjoyed reading about Mott the Hoople, The Clash, and T. Rex, as well as the fascist from South Carolina. Lay off Brady, though. What could you possibly have against the guy, anyway?
What's wrong with Tom Brady is that he's a Patriot and he's too good. The Jets need a break, and his leg will do just fine.
It's a problem both the Giants and the Jets face, they have the best teams in their division, maybe the Eagle's plane could crash into the patriot’s bus or something like that, could only help the cause.
Excellent idea Rod, take out McNabb and Brady in one shot.
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