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Saturday, October 09, 2004



Cleveland over Pittsburg
New England over Miami
Giants over Dallas
New Orleans over Tampa Bay
Jacksonville over San Diego
Carolina over Denver
Baltimore over Washington
Atlanta over Detroit
Minnesota over Houston
Inianapolis over Oakland
Jets over Bills
Arizona over San Francisco
Seattle over St. Louis
Green Bay over Tennessee

I thing the G-men / Cowboys game will be one of the "games to watch" tomorrow - I picked the Giants too.

Other interesting games this weekend..
I don't think the vikes can win in that fancy Houston stadium, they're easily intimidated.
Broncos/Panthers will be great game... I got the Broncs, tough to beat them in "the big Omelet".
I don't think the Jets will have a problem with the Bills, I wish I had satellite radio or TV.. that's one of the games I want to see.

And finally... Boy does the Pack need a "W" It's good to see you picked them... I have a feeling Green is going to have a great game.

good luck
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