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Thursday, October 14, 2004



I've been here a week and I'm heading back to New York today. My thoughts? If you're going to vote, don't do so on the basis of somebody's 'slopey shoulders'. Beer and politics is a bad mix. 95% of the campaign coverage has come from assholes, why can't we just let the candidates speak for themselves and leave it at that? ( I saw a woman on some TV program say that there was only one candidate who can lead on education....and she was talking about Bush!) There is nothing wrong with being into God, just as long as no possesive articles are put in front of Him (Our God, My God....) I've decided to route for the Astro's (Jeter is the best baseball player playing today, but dammit I'm so sick of the Yankees). Green Bay cannot win withouit a running game or defense, hell nobody can win without those things. I'm 35 of 58 if anybody's counting. People can agree to disagree. I'd move to Atlanta if it wasn't surrounded by Georgia. I miss my Girl, I'm goin' home.

Green Bay needs more Green. Not developing that running game is like having a race car and keeping it in the garage. But you are correct "D" is a must.

Never been a big baseball fan so I'm just routing for the season to be over, so I can get back to watching that great fox prime time schedule **grin**.
Pleasure to have you here Jackson. We'll do it again soon.
I propose a media blackout on all things electoral until the day after election day. I am sooooo sick of polls.
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