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Friday, October 22, 2004


Back in the very early eighties, my good friend Pat Wilson and I would sneak off to listen to records that our METAL freinds would have disaproved of. On that short list we had the first B-52's record, any Ramones record (we had them all) and of course Gang Of Four's 'Entertainment' album. I must credit Pat's brother Mike, who brought that record home from college, along with Saxon 'Strong Arm of the Law' and the eponymous Angelwitch record (this last one is another I am desperately trying to find, long out of print, I'm afraid I'm as doomed as the band itself). The Gang of Four record, however, stands out as the most original music I haver ever heard, before or since. From the first note, Pat and I were aghast at the guitar playing. How could anybody do that - on purpose! IT WAS SO OUT THERE! In time we began to see the genius, and became enthralled by this record. From start to finish. We were so impressed, that by the time we were seniors at our high school, we were secure enough in our METALNESS to do a fake rock video for 'I Found That Esscence Rare'. Not quite as funny as Pat's 'Shout At The Devil' video, but nonetheless a fitting tribute to how a new wave band, mostly unknown in our circles, became a huge influence on a couple of METALHEADS in upstate New York. I do find that esscence rare, and it is what I look for. That first B-52's record is a classic as well, and deserves it's own blog (there's a moon in the sky, and it's called the moon).

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