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Thursday, November 11, 2004


In 1996 WEEN released this country themed album. They went to Nashville, hired all the best session guys, and made a country record. Except it's not a country record in any classic sense, because it's a WEEN record. Songs like 'Japanese Cowboy', and 'Piss Up A Rope' do for country what Weird Al does for polka. 'Mr. Richard Smoker' is an off color shot at a certain segment of the homosexual community, it's very un-PC, but like South Park, very funny. 'Powder Blue' is a pretty number that somehow veers off course in that very WEEN-like fashion, and 'Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain' is pure genius. This is my favorite of all the WEEN records, it's certainly the most focused. In the end WEEN is not for everybody. If you can appreciate Zappa, then you're in the right ballpark. If you are easily offended......well, then screw you!

i love that ween CD... hell i love ween.

i was listening to the "choclate and cheese" just the other day.

i've liked ween since "push the little daisies and make em come up"
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