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Wednesday, November 10, 2004


"For the people who continue to use Michael Moore’s movie as factual evidence in supporting their claims of superiority in democrat views, I’m sad to tell you that you are very narrow minded. Try to look in to the situation a little bit more thoroughly before you make ignorant statements. If our democrat presidential candidate can be more precise with their differences in, so can you. Michael Moore’s movie was that, a movie. Edited to fit a framed point of view that he has with president bush and the Republican Party. Prove your points with facts, instead of opinions. You will surely look more intelligent."

This came to my e-mail. It was a comment on one of my posts, but for the life of me I can't find it. Anyway, maybe 'Anonymous' would look more intelligent if he/she could put a sentence together:

"If our democrat presidential candidate can be more precise with their differences in, so can you."

What is that? I don't know what it means. And I'm ignorant?

As for using F/9-11 as factual information for my blog; my blog is not a home for factual information, sometimes I do use facts to support my opinions, but mostly I just say what I feel, and if you don't like it 'Anonymous', then fuck off. Obviously since you don't have the balls to share your name with us, then you have no voice here. If you chose to let us know more about you, maybe then I would pay some attention to the content of your comment. As it stands, your comment is gibberish, and doesn't even deserve the time I've spent on it, except that it pleases me to use you as an example of the kind of fools who are now running the country. I suppose you are against a woman's right to choose, but believe that it's good for people to keep guns around the house so our kids can accidently shoot their friends or themselves. Michael Moore's film may be just a movie, but I've yet to see any documentation that refutes any claims made in the film. If you have some evidence of this sort, please share it with us, and your name you cowardly piece of shit. Oh yeah, go die.

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