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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I'm reading the 'Ask Keith' section on the Keith Richards website, which I highly recommend, and I was given an answer to a question I've had for many years. There's a Stones video called '25X5', which is a collection of live Stones footage. In one clip, from the '81 tour, a fan rushes the stage and Keith clocks him with his Telecaster, BAM, upside the head. I have often wondered about the aftermath. Now you may be thinking that I'm concerned for the guy who get's wacked by a Tele, and that answer is given, he survived, was jailed, and bailed out by none other than Keith, but for me, the real question is; when Keith strapped the Tele (Deluxe) back on, was it still in tune. The answer, yes, of course, it's a Fender. Thanks Keith, Thanks Leo.

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