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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Do You remember July 13, 1985? I do, mostly because of U2's twelve minute version of 'Bad'. I had never before, or have since, seen a band so commited, so in tune, and so damn on as this performance from Live Aid. The DVD is being released, and I'd buy it simply to watch this one song, over and over. Two chords never went so far as they did on that day. Unashamed enough to borrow heavily from Lou and Mick, Bono gave the performance of his career. Unfortunately I think Live Aid did more for U2 than Africa. I'm also hoping they didn't edit the Bob Dylan performance, I'd love to see Keith break a string and take Ronnie's guitar again. Well he certainly wasn't going to take Bob's.

I just rented a flick from Blockbuster that had "Bad" in the opening credit sequence. Can't recall the name, but it had Angie Jolie in it. Anyhoo, I do very much recall the performance you speak of and it was indeed jaw dropping. U2 is one of those bands that have made a few records that I don't like, but have managed to stay relevent in my mind. They rarely say or do anything dumb which is a real rarity these days (see DLR's becoming a parametic in NYC).

I only vaguely recall the Bob, Keith, and Ronnie performance. I remember us laughing about it a good bit though. I read a synopsis of the incident in "Their Own Words" that Ronnie offered. Made me smile.

I remember having Live Aid on the tube the entire two days.
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