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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Fortunately for yours truly there was no whiskey involved in last night’s vinyl session. I do have a travel day ahead of me, so it’s a good thing I stuck to the suds. The Night began with T.Rex, ‘The Slider’. Always a good choice, and it’s no stranger to this blog. We moved to the obligatory Billy Cobham, ‘Spectrum’. In less than a month this record had become legendary and god-like in stature in Andy Rock’s Listening Room, and again is no stranger here. I put on Frank Zappa’s ‘Zoot Allures’ next; Andy and The Guy were definitely appreciative of ‘Black Napkins’, as any guitar player should be. For more virtuosity I played Thin Lizzy’s ‘Black Rose’, a fun and lengthy jaunt through Irish folk themes, both lyrical and instrumental. They love their sixteenth notes those Irish musicians. As the evening wound down, I remembered a quote from Neil Young, where he said his music was ‘late night music’, so I took him at his word and put on ‘Everyone Knows This Is Nowhere’. I was prepared for Andy to react negatively, but I wasn’t prepared for the zeal with which he and The Guy embraced it. “That’s the sound of vinyl! That’s what records should sound like, it’s so warm, and so present, so there.” Indeed Andy, indeed.

Good luck with the travel and the visit to the Gal's folks house. Say hey to everyone for me. Oh yeah, re: Die kinder sind gut...

Ich voune Rockville!
We did it in DC with my folks instead, BTW - 'Vohne' I believe....
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