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Thursday, November 11, 2004


I have come to bury him. Arafat is dead. And....? What does this change? Very little. He had no real control over the monster, the terror machine, that he helped create, and claimed to lead. All he did was stuff money into an account, and now those who would be next in line are scrambling to get at it. Palestine will never have a peaceful nation state. There has been too much bloodshed from both sides. It would take an amazing individual to bring together all the rougue elements in what was once the PLO, and an even more amazing individual to broker peace with Isreal. I cannot advocate murder, so I cannot support the Palestinians. On the other hand, I do not support Israel either. The foundation of Isreal was done wrong. UN sanctioned, US backed land theft is still land theft, even if that land is being donated to a group thet deserves a home. It was somebody elses home at the time. Let's face it, nobody bothered with the Arabs back in 1950, and we're paying the price now. Some will say that Israel won the land in a war, fair and square. That's bullshit. They won that war because they had Uncle Sam on their side. Without our tanks and guns, Egypt, Jordan and Syria would have booted them out. What's fair about moving in and taking over through force? Might makes right? I don't think so. Again I say say fuck them all. Let them kill each other, what's the big fuss, oh yeah....religion, our number one killer.

UPDATE: I started to respond to Tony Alva's comment in a comment of my own, but I ran long, and decided I'd just add it in here as an update. You may want to read Tony's comment first.

I'll have to look into it further. I am not aware of any persecution of Jews by the Arabs prior to the foundation of Israel, in fact I'm not sure how many Jews were in the region prior to late 1940's when the Zionism thing got going full blast. I could be wrong, but I've never heard about it. From what I understand, and I get this from reading Leon Uris, it was a 'c'mon everybody, we're moving back to where we belong' type thing. Hell, the book is called Exodus for a reason. And I'm not against an Israeli nation state, though I think religion and politics is a bad mix, the Jews, as a people, as a race, certainly deserve the security of a nation. 2000 years of being persecuted throughout europe gives them a certain status, like the bald eagle, they need to be protected from extinction, I'm all for it. What get's my nuts in a bundle is the way it went down. It was tantamaount to saying; "Oh. the Arabs? Don't pay them no mind, they don't really count." I mean, yeah, they we'rent exactly an organized bunch back then, but then again, why would they be, they had just gotten free from the yoke of Brittish imperialism themselves, they we'rent given a chance to get their thing together before all the european Jews started showing up, saying; "excuse me, uh, this is my home now, please fuck off." It wasn't right.

Couldn't be more right about the Arafat thing. It will get messier for a while. No hope for peace in the region in my lifetime.

Your position is clearly stated, but you don't explain why you oppose Israel's notion of self-governance and homeland creation, only your opposition to the theocratic nature of their constitution (which I share with you). If there were a majority of Jews living in the region prior to the war not having a voice in their government, why wouldn’t revolution and independence be justified? Wasn’t Arab arrogance and mistreatment of Jews part of what caused the war?

I'm only curious because the history of Jewish persecution I beleive places them in a different context than other homeland creation scenarios and land grabs.

Believe me, I don't pretend to be at all well versed in the historical run ups to the war other than common knowledge stuff, so learning about it is what I'm most interested in.
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