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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


As you may have read on previous posts, my partner Chris and I are trying to complete over a year's worth of work on a cover of the entire Pink Floyd 'The Wall' record. The second to last song on the record is 'The Trial', and oh boy is it. I really must take time out to curse the very soul of Bob Ezrin, without whom we'd never be in this predicament. Anybody who knows this record well can probably understand what I'm talking about. It's a song which a) should never be covered, and b) is proving difficult to do just that. On the Pink Floyd album the song has a melancholy vaudeville feel. Pink Floyd, and Bob Ezrin, had access to an orchestra, we don't. What to do? Stack up the midi tracks? Chris and I finally came up with a concept that worked for us....conceptually. I worked on it some last night, adding bass and drums, I thought it was improving, getting better, or at least moving toward a goal. Then George came in, the bubble burst, and I began to have second thoughts. George left, in his whirlwind fashion, and I finished up what I was doing, shut down, and went out for chinese. On the way back I started singing something in my head, something that just might save 'The Trial'. 'You gotta be crazy' after all......

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