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Thursday, November 18, 2004


Who's stupid idea was this anyway? It seems Tony Alva was right about this, but what I want to know is who actually thought this was a good idea? Any cheap grifter could see it as ripe for a play. Corruption is what Saddam does, it's his bag. How could anyone think this would not have been the outcome? As far as linking him to terrorism through this program, it seems to me that Saddam was primarily interested in Saddam, if he had to play ball in the local ballpark, well so be it. If, in order to line his pockets, some of the ill gotten gain went to nefarious organizations in the region, well that was the price. I don't think Saddam was willingly subsidising terror. If he could have, he would have kept all the money, but when you deal in the down low, the underground, the black market, well who's there to deal with? Other criminals. And who are the most organized criminals in the Mid East? A marriage of convenience, but dangerous none the less. Fodder for invasion? I'm not completely sold. Is the U.N. corrupt? Maybe. What of the French, are they to be held responible? Certainly the French businesses and citizens who were involved should be indicted, but the French government? I think they might have turned a blind eye, kinda like George and Ken Lay, but now the jig is up as they say, and 'Everything's a mess I guess'.

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