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Thursday, November 18, 2004


I have been accused of being lopsided in my expressed opinions of Mr. Bush and his administration. While I stand by most of what I've said (it is called Savage Distortion for a reason folks), I will take a moment here to give some credit where its' due. This does not mean that I have given up my opposition position, but I do want to be fair minded.

The following is a comment from Fred's blog, and I pretty much agree with it's content.

"I think the president has undertaken some incredibly bold reforms. No Child Left Behind is right up there with Clinton's welfare restructuring in terms of its scope and goals. For the first time, the government (both democrats and republicans) have said that every child must be proficient in reading and math. And it is telling that democrats aren't calling for a repeal of the law. There is some proposed tweaking and a never ending battle on funding (despite Bush providing the largest increase in US history) but there is no political support to do away with the law.

You (Fred) mentioned alternative energy and the President has a pretty good record here too. He has dedicated $1.7 billion over five years to develop hydrogen fuel cells and related infrastructure needed to support hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The 2005 budget includes $228 million for the Hydrogen Fuel Initiative, a 43% increase over 2004 funding, to develop the technologies to produce, store, and distribute hydrogen for use in fuel-cell vehicles, electricity generation, and other applications. The budget also includes $4.1 billion worth of tax incentives to spur the use of clean renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies.

The President also launched the FutureGen program in 2004 which invests $1 billion to create the world’s first zero-emissions fossil fuel plant.

More future-oriented, in January 2003, Bush committed the U.S. to participate in ITER, the largest research project in the world designed to prove the viability of fusion energy.

There are other examples as well - prescription drug card for medicare. Wanted by democrats for years and delivered by the President. The first modernization of overtime regulations in more than 50 years. The willingness to tackle social security and tax reform.

Say what you want about the President. He definetely demonstrates a willingness to take on consequential issues."--PJID

And I do say what I want about him, and I will continue to do so, but for the record, he has done some good.

no child left behind is great, as long as your child doesn't have special needs. For the millions of parents of children with special needs it's, "get that kid back under the porch before someone sees him".

NCLB looks good on paper, but every year more and more children ARE being left behind.
They're working on that aspect, special needs, it's a work in progress I think.
Good post Jackson... Don't forget your football picks. This is a crucial week.
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