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Thursday, November 04, 2004


A great record by The Who, but that's not what I'm on about this time. I mean really, who's next. Dean? No, he's almost as dangerous as Bush, a zealot of a different color. Hillary? I hope not. Her politics are fine, but she bothers me. It's not what she does, it what she apparently doesn't do..... like Elizabeth Hurley.....don't make me say it. The Reverand Al? That would be a hoot, I'd pay admission just to watch that, but the whole Tawana Brawley thing will prevent him from ever becoming President, and maybe deservedly so. Certainly not Kerry, I guess it turns out the referendum was on him, too bad. The GOP did such a number on him that folks will be believing those lies for years to come. Edwards? Maybe. Looks and talks good, politics fine. We'll see. Joe Lieberman? We'll have to see what the world climate is like in '08. He doesn't come off too tough, but I like him fine. Can he be sold to the interior? I'm not so sure. Any Ideas? I'm going to shock the lot of you with my endorsement of Senator John McCain for President in '08. I think he's the guy that can heal the division. We need a moderate conservative, a left leaning republican to ease the nation back to the center, away from faith based politics, and back to a more sensible approach for all Americans. Then we'll get a democrat in, maybe Obama?


Interesting remark about McCain, my wife and i were talking about the exact same thing yesterday.

the Dems will NOT win the white house until they can somehow embrace the south. At the is point they just give it (the south) up to the republicans. I mean Edwards didn't even win his own state. how do left wingers win the south??? that's the $64,000 question... and i don't have the answer, i need a life line.

Another thing is the 18 to 21 year olds need to understand that in addition to registering to vote they have to show up at the polls. in the 2000 election, 18 to 21 year olds made up 17% of the voting population - 2004 they made up 17% AGAIN! - Even with the looming threat of P-diddy killing them if they didn't vote! if all the 18 to 21 year olds who registered actually voted the i fully believe Kerry would be our president. So i'm blaming the young people...

where was i... oh yeah, i like McCain I'd totally vote for him over Hillary. Hillary will never win any southern states.

keep up the great work.
I'd cast my vote for John McCain right now for president. From all I can recall from his primary platform he is deadeye on what I consider priorities in a president. He shuns the religious right in favor of rational thought, he's a respected vet in good standing from the public's preception, and he's tough on defense. He is a VERY moderate republican, I dare say a Zell Miller Democrat.

He'd kill anybody in a debate. He's a tough old curmudgeon, but I think he'd be a great president. The biggest challenge would be making him electable to the dolts out on the fringes. What would totally rock is if the Dem's nominated him, sort of a reverse Zell.

It's tough to say what the world will be like in four years, but if the climate is anything like it is now John McCain would be my man.
He pissed off some Dem's by following G.W. around this summer, but it was a smart move on his part, he needs them, just like he needs us, it's part of his plan. If he runs, and I think he will, he'll get my vote.
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