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Monday, December 13, 2004


ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) -- Police shut down a bar that was showing a successful musical revue featuring nudity because the business didn't have an adult entertainment license. The manager of The Armory bar in midtown Atlanta, Doug Youngblood, said police overreacted Saturday night. He said the show had been running since August and is theater -- not adult entertainment. The revue, "Naked Boys Singing," has spent six years off-Broadway in New York and road show versions are playing in several cities. The gay-themed show, billed as celebrating "the splendors of male nudity in comedy, song and dance," features six male actors who are in the buff for much of the performance.---CNN

Now, I'm not likely to attend a performance of 'Naked Boys Singing', but I see nothing wrong with it. It does beg the question that is pervasive across the country today: how far is too far? When does nudity become adult entertainment? Where is the line? Does it have to do with sex acts? Money changing hands...er...g-strings?

Funny story... While Billy Payne was putting together the Olympics here in Atlanta, he asked his PR firm to sample what the prevailing impressions were of Atlanta from those who travel here frequently. Of course he wanted to paint Atlanta as an international city worthy of these worldly contests.

On the survey was the question: "What do you think of most when asked about traveling to Atlanta?"

Was it our airport? Was it the cleanliness of our fair city? Was it the prevailing southern hospitality? No, Billy was unnerved to hear that "Strip Clubs" was the number one answer given, and by a huge margin.

Not as much as 5 years ago, but Atlanta has only Las Vegas as a rival for the dubious title of America's strip club Mecca. We're also a full monty city to boot. No bashful gals hereā€¦
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